Due to falling membership numbers and conflicting priorities Calne Rotary have decided to join forces with Chippenham Rotary Club in order to continue our support for Calne and the surrounding area and to diversify and capitalise on their expertise and growing membership.

This does not mean we are leaving Calne, far from it we will indeed still be supporting Calne with the support of Chippenham Rotary Club whilst also offering them some of our expertise and skills.

Over the coming days and months you will gradually see changes, particularly as we come through the Covid-19 Pandemic which has as I’m sure you will understand made us all undergo many changes to reflect what is being termed the “New Normal”.

As the brave new world presents itself to us we will mobilise where necessary to continue to plan, organise and run events for the good and benefit of Calne and Chippenham whilst also providing “service above self” where we can safely deliver it.

Please keep in touch with this website and the Chippenham website as this website may eventually become redundant as these changes take place.

Your in Rotary Fellowship

The Rotary Club of Calne