Next year's Imber Ultra is planned for 7th March 2021.

The event is the joint enterprise of Rotary Club of Westbury and the Avon Valley Runners.

The Imber Ultra Marathon is a trail run of about 33 miles. It starts and finishes at the Leighton Recreation Centre. The runners ascend the escarpment of Salisbury Plain and then follows the Imber range perimeter path. The runners pass through some of the more remote parts of southern England skirting the British Army's Training Area (ensuring not to stray into priohibited land). The going varies from road to tracks and thick mud is usually encountered, the prevailing wind can be counted on to be a headwind where ever you are.

It is usually run in an anti-clockwise direction from the Leighton Recreation Centre, however in 2021 we may decide to reverse the course and the reunners will complete the course in a clockwise direction. Thois will be discussed at great length as we have never mislaid a runner and don't wish to tarnish a clean record!