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Rotarian Danny Boswell had an initial career in the Royal Navy, including command of two fast patrol boats. He became a school bursar in 2010, first at Walhampton School in the New Forest and then at Farleigh School near Andover. He was appointed to the role at St Mary's Calne (whicincludes St Margaret's Prep) in September 2018. He is married to Kerry and they have two young daughters, Olivia and Annabelle.

Following a Facebook post, a long- time friend of Rick was in touch to donate his late Dad`s tools to a good cause (Tools for Self- Reliance). They had lain in his shed for several years but Peter (in Ascot), and his brother spent a weekend sorting and via eldest son Luke Nation in Bracknell, they finally came to me last Sunday. I also spent a happy two hours sorting and Monday morning, our friendly contact from KSM, Dick Mather, collected and delivered them to the workshop in Warmley on Tuesday.

Just to keep everyone informed the Pop up shop is moving on well. Rotarian Roger Greenslade has delivered the fittings and his son Mark of (Devizes Fire Protection Ltd.,) Mark also kitted the place out with Fire Protection equipment. Rotarians Lyn Crabtree and Anne Parsons have cleaned down the fitting and the shop. We have had loads of stock delivered and expecting more tomorrow. We have already started sorting it in to sections ready to be put on the shelves and priced. We are looking to open for six weeks Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm (2 shifts 10am-1pm/1pm-4pm) Opening da y Tuesday 11th August.

Ross-on-Wye Rotary Club held an actual socially distanced President's Handover evening in a local hotel last week and we (Chippenham Rotary) were invited to attend by the outgoing President Andy Inkpen (former member of the Rotary Club of Chippenham.) Two Rotarians from Chippenham attended by way of the magic carpet of ‘Zoom’ namely President Rick Squires and Rotarian Roger Greenslade.

By President Rick Squires

The ‘new’ Governor for our District 1200, Rory O’Donnell will be visiting the club by ‘Zoom’ on Monday 14th September. Rory has been a member of the District’s Team for a number of years, as he was previously Treasurer; a position he was well qualified for, as before he retired he was a Partner at the accountants Monahans based in Taunton. Rory was also president of the South West Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for a number of years, as well as honorary treasurer of Somerset Cricket Club.

Today we are pleased to welcome Rotarian Hugh Deed from the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge who will speak to us on ‘Shelter Box’ of which Hugh is the District 1200 representative

This week the International Toast is to the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge a club to which Chippenham has close ties. The Club meets weekly on a Tuesday in the Carpenters Arms, Stanton Wick. To their President Tony Quinn and his fellow Rotarians we send our warmest greetings and wish them well in their Rotary endeavours. Toast proposed by Rotarian Roger Greenslade.

Chair – President Rick Squires.
Vote of thanks – Eric Sambell.
Rotary Round the World – Roger Greenslade.

‘Friend of Rotary’ Mark Greenslade lending a hand last week collecting a Transit Van full of equipment from Heddington to take to the ‘Rotary Pop Up Shop’ at Chippenham. Thank you Mark.

It was of great sadness to members of the Rotary Club of Chippenham that we learnt of the closure of the Rotary Club of Calne our daughter Rotary Club on 30th June 2020,. Their membership had fallen to an unsustainable level but it is said that every cloud has its silver lining so it was with the closure of Calne Rotary Club, eight members applied to join the Rotary Club of Chippenham, four as full members and four as associate members. We are proud to see you all inducted today (6th July 2020) and may we say what a pleasure it will be to see you join our great club and we have agreed to help you out with your continued fund raising events for 2021. A warm welcome to you all.